Bikini Briefs with Low-waist Cut


Regular price $39.99AUD

Sexy wet look Bikini Briefs with Low-Waist Cut. Available in various vibrant colours.

Material: Polyamide, Spandex 


In order to offer you quality products at the best prices possible we source from various suppliers which may use different measurements to size their items. Although we have taken extra care to convert sizes to your standards, please pay attention to the Chart Size below and order accordingly to ensure a perfect fit.






 S - M

TO FIT   30 - 33”

TO FIT   76 - 83

 M - L

TO FIT   33 - 36"

TO FIT   83 - 91 

 L - XXL

TO FIT   36 - 39"

TO FIT   91 - 98


Your product will be ordered according to inch / cm measurements as per above table – please note that the labeling of S / M / L / XL / XXL on items by some suppliers may be misleading. 

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