Where is your head office?

- We are located in Toronto, Canada.  As Canadians we are thrilled that we can use the power of the internet to provide our Global customers with awesome Gitch that is good quality and reasonably priced.

Why did my order come in 2 different packages?

- Since we are a distributer of many different brands, if your order contains a couple of them, they will likely come in different packages and arrive at different times.

Can I get a tracking number?

- Since we offer low cost shipping and in some cases free shipping (over $30) we don't have traditional tracking numbers we can offer our customers.  We hope to change this in the near future.  Through the power of the internet we can get a rough idea where your items are.

My order is delayed, where is it?

- We are in the process of establishing our reputation with Customs in various countries.  As they see more packages from us they will process them faster and faster.  We appreciate your patience, and will do our best to see that they arrive as fast as we can get them to you.

Even though this is underwear can I still get a refund if I'm not happy?

- Yes, our goal is to provide 100% satisfaction for our customers.  No, we won't resell it, but we want customers to love our products, and if you don't love our products simply return them to us, and we will provide a refund.